Throughout life I was creating my own outcomes and didn’t know just exactly how. The death of my husband back in 1989 sent me on a soul searching journey of grief, learning curves and eventually inner awareness where I discovered I am the creator of my life and its outcomes.

Over the next few years, spending a life living and sailing on the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean, I was able to explore my own spirituality through reading, studying and being supplied with many teachers. It was when I was introduced to Reiki energy and healing that I discovered the power of energy healing received through a facilitator.

Further study and the ability to be attuned to the Reiki Master power, of symbolic signals, enhanced the vibrational energy for distant healings. Learning curves continued and while studying for my NLP practitioner’s certification I was fascinated with the power of hypnosis. However the normal scripted version never seemed to sit well with my work. So further travel took me to Laos and Cambodia working in voluntary capacity with the IWC and ANDC

Although travelling through SE Asia had many stopovers in Bali it was only in the last year I have chosen to enjoy longer stays allowing me to re- align and choose a path of least resistance. During this time I met two new teachers, both here in Australia, who gave me tools to follow my passion with hypnosis.

As a certified ‘Conversational Hypnotherapist’, along with Reiki/Master and NLP skills, I now have the tools to take clients on a ‘trance-forming’ experience to clear the closets of the mind and the chance to recreate a rewarding life!
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