Transformation through Thought!

Aletta 001BELIEVING: Alchemy = The ability to trans mutate common metal into gold and the universal panacea, when applied to the alchemist himself, symbolises ignorance to enlightenment with the philosopher’s stone representing a hidden spiritual truth or power that would lead to that goal. (Wikipedia)

“…transformation… means the results or action of going beyond one’s form.” Dr Wayne W Dyer, “You’ll See It When You Believe It,

Moving to another state was to be the start of a new life. Widowed only 9 months previous I had chosen to retreat to the place my late husband, Leo, and I had decided would be our semi-retirement destination. The Gold Coast, a destination of sun, water and glorious stretches of beaches, a place of solace while healing. The downside was leaving behind my daughter Angela, having just purchased her first home with her fiancé, and Craig who was leaning towards the last year of his apprenticeship. And yet I knew with a deep knowing that they would eventually join me in Queensland.

Leaving Melbourne in my luxury Honda Prelude, a gift created from a mere thought, my youngest child, along with my niece Jill, and I set out on a most amazing journey of which was to unfold over the next 10 years. The first learning curb came in the form of a florist business purchased with my sister, which lasted 6 months, and created a wedge that has lasted 23 years. In this time transformation was occurring and like the phoenix was arising from the ashes. ‘You’ll See It when You Believe It’ was still displaced by, ‘You’ll believe it when you see It’ and yet following my nose, which I now know to be my intuition, led me to buy a 38 foot yacht, Aletta, to live on while learning to sail. Talk about taking Leo’s words, “Sink or Swim’ literally.

While living on Aletta I met the most amazing people and realised at 41 how naïve I was. During my first year I met a young woman who was living on the boat she and her fiancé were building. She was a nurse and he, a FIFO to PNG, a helicopter pilot. Roz and I had taken to sewing bees on their yacht which led to many conversations about life and its meaning. It was during one of these in depth conversations I picked up Dr Wayne Dyer’s, ‘You’ll See It When You Believe It’. ‘Ok time to give this a go’, I thought, and commented, ‘I would like a man to ring out of the blue and ask me out to dinner.’ Roz and I both jumped when her phone rang.

Still reading I could hear Roz’s, ‘Yes, ok, yes. Oh and I have a girlfriend here with me. Ok see you then!’ Slightly stunned, Roz turned to me and said, ’That was my friend Phil from the hospital, a funeral director. He invited us to have dinner with him and his offsider at Marina Mirage. They will swing by and pick us up in half an hour.’

Blimey Charlie no time for philosophical conversation, half an hour later we were sliding into Phil’s waiting car. Introductions made, it was only a matter of 10 minutes and we were seated in the restaurant. As the lively discussions quietened I relayed the events leading up to Phil’s phone call. Phil, I discovered, was not only a funeral director but also a dive instructor and had instigated Roz’s fear of water by teaching her to dive. Our conversations soon took the ‘New Age’ road and we learnt that we both had an interest in Motivational and Spiritual dimensions. Though I must say Phil was not overly joyed at my humour when I added, ‘Most people must be dying to meet you’, and quipped with the face of an undertaker, ‘I’ve heard them all Elaine’.

This was the beginning of a friendship that has lasted 20 odd years and some weird adventures. I even had a psychic ask me who Philip is and I had no idea who she was talking about! It was when the reading was over she asked me whose the funeral director… OMG it’s Phil I haven’t seen him in years. Well guess what she tells me just ‘think about it’ and you will see him real soon and I did and he called to ask me out to dinner in ‘Cairns’… He lived on the Gold Coast. Read on for more adventures created through anything is possible through the ‘Power of my Subconscious Mind’ With love and light always from me ‘E’ ❤



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