It all began with a thought!

Aletta & Mum 001
A thought that counts yet it is not known. Not known at that particular time it occurred ‘I could handle that’ and let go. Even when it manifests itself into physical being it is ignored until the owner of the thought is educated into the awareness of how it occurred!

Aletta 2 001

‘I Could Handle That’ was the thought considered as the morning coffee conversation discussed a colleague’s sail up the Australian eastern seaboard from Melbourne to Queensland. Having never been on a sail boat nor ocean trekked other than water skiing as a young teen I had no idea that the thought would manifest itself. Oh! I did do the Tasmanian ferry, which can be quite treacherous, though lo and behold it was a beautiful calm sea (not that I had thought otherwise!).

So less than two years later the above photo is of me standing at the mast of my 38′ yacht Aletta. Yes you got it mine! Unfortunately between the thought and the actual appearance of her, in my life, came 18 months after the tragic loss of a beautiful husband. Leo, my husband, would never of contemplated this lifestyle due to his affliction of seasickness. One bout mind you, but it left him reeling forever after! With an overflow of grief a choice to move to Queensland, and sunshine, tapped me on the shoulder and packing my youngest and myself into the car we left Melbourne and settled into a new life, an apartment in Burleigh. A new experience yet still grieving for my older children who were left behind with their new lives in their own homes. Huh, but a mere thought was, ‘They will all be here one day’ Hhhhhhhmmmmmm that took nearly 7 years for both of them, but it happened and that’s another story also!

‘As every door opens it is a pathway that one needs to be led and discover the journey that the thought has provoked’. Settling into life and a business our flower delivery lady invited me to come out and have a drink and enjoy some jazz. An invite to the Southport Yacht Club still did not the thought conspire to the conscious mind. But alas it lay await in the unconscious mind awaiting the right moment to appear! Sunday afternoon jazz on the terrace is where I was introduced to Johanna and Michael and the scenery of bobbing boats on glistening water. ‘Come visit with us at home’, invites Michael. ‘We just live out on the third arm on a house boat.’ At the end of a magic afternoon off we toddle and climb aboard a gently floating home. What a grand idea. Living on the water. I want to give this a try!

July of 1990 saw us enjoying the gentle bobbing (sometimes) of a rented houseboat. Not a week or weekend hired one but a rented one as our home. By this time the penny was just emerging and dropping slowly into the conscious mind. ‘No! I do not care to live on a houseboat’…’Gosh you can get thrown out of your bed on one of those things, especially when a large boat goes by and creates a tidal wave.’ I know I’ll buy a flybridge cruiser. We can take it out and go on trips… ‘Yes, yes’, says my young teenager imaging themselves sitting up there at the helm. ‘You go for it mum!’ So the search begins. It was about the time of very tight negotiations on the flybridge cruiser and the penny dropping further to the conscious mind. A neighbour asks, ‘Would you like to come for a sail with us today’. ‘Blimey, never done that before. Not sure how I will handle it’… The conscious mind is starting to accept the thought. Amazing, fantastic the most enthralling roller coast ride I have had! Up she went and down she crashed as I stood, at the bow, and enjoyed the sparkling ocean coming up towards me and leave me transfixed to her motion. ‘Well buy one’, says another female boating neighbour. All well and good but I do not know how to sail. ‘Well buy it and learn’, they chorused!

5th October 1990, less than two years after the thought, ‘I could handle that’, it was housewarming night on Aletta! Just a thought, a mere drop in the ocean to the unconscious mind. Let fly to the wind, to develop, and create the journey to the consciousness. 10 years of a lifestyle that still lingers in my memory and that of my children and my grandchildren…

Memories of awareness of the thought provocation and creation! Follow along this journey and learn how you, too, can create a wonderful fulfilling life…


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