A Thought Provoking Creation

A Thought Provoking Creation

A mere thought and there we were enjoying the most idyllic view in our premium pool villa, Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Have you ever wondered where your thoughts can lead you or do you just allow them to leave and not listen to their call.
I know, for me, I am most always aware of the message and the words these thoughts provoke. I have had an amazing life. Sometimes I have sat and asked, ‘What and where would you like me to go’. And then listened quietly to the answer! The journeys have been incredible although there have been some that have hardly seemed worth it. But listening to my heart of heart I know I have gleaned some tiny snippet of information that will store itself and wait till I least suspect it.
So how come it took so many times to verify with The Intercontinental Hotel in Sihanoukville, ‘Are you sure our villa doesn’t have it’s own pool’. ‘No madam, no pool’… ‘Madam if you would like the pool we can book you a premium pool villa’. Well it was 60% off for ex pats during off season and the normally $1000 a night premium pool villa was going to cost $400 a night. So my friend asks do I want to secure this and my answer was, ‘I am not prepared to pay $800 for two nights’. Although I thought about that private pool many times. Still we checked our booking as the brochure seems to show a pool of sorts!
On arrival we are put in a gold buggy and taken to what was supposed to be our villa with a shared kitchen, lounge and two separate bedrooms with water views. But we are in Cambodia and are shown to two connecting rooms. Nothing much more than lovely hotel rooms. One has an ocean view if you shimmy to the side window and have a peak between the other villa ensconced in front of us. The other room looked over a walkway and another villa opposite. So when we ask our attendant where our villa is. The answer, ‘Oh sorry, we had rain, your villa got flooded so we have given you these rooms. No that is not how it goes! We requested a 2 bedroom villa with a view. ‘Please we want to speak to your manager’. After many calls and no answers we decided that we would go back to the hotel and have a look at rooms there.
Stepping out the front door Muriel says, ‘And what is this villa here?’. ‘Oh that is the premium pool villa madam’… ‘Well may we take a look’, as Muriel nudge, nudge, wink winks me! Well what you see in the photo is what you get and more. Two luxurious bedrooms with full bathrooms and square step in Jacuzzis in each and a steam room to boot in the master as well as an indoor garden. Each room had the most delightful full windows capturing the pool and looking over the Thai Gulf with Islands dotted along the horizon. A full lounge that embraced the concept of luxury living and just step out any door and one emerged themselves into the pool. Or of course there was the lower landing to ease oneself into a lounger and sip on enticing amounts of triple brie and French champagne!
The good manager saw his way clear to let us have the premium pool villa for $500 for the weekend! Just $250 a day. Our decision was immediate and joyous!
A mere thought and a near perfect, no a perfect weekend, in salubrious surroundings for the very likes of us two ladies to regenerate, rejuvenate and reinvigorate before heading back to Phnom Penh to create more wonderment for our next break!
If you would like your thoughts to work for you then follow this blog and you may also become aware of ‘Changing your thoughts and changing your life!’


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